Daesung Microbiological Labs. Co. Ltd. has produced veterinary medicine for a half-century, since it was established in 1968. Daesung
specializes in animal pharmaceuticals with contributions to the development of the animal husbandry industry in Republic of Korea.

Daesung Microbiological Labs continues to strive towards an environment in which
our customers and the company prosper through honest products and sincere service,
based on our corporate philosophy “The trustful choice for successful livestock”.

Customer trust is to believe that the true driving force behind the continued growth
of Daesung Microbiological Labs. All of the employees Daesung Microbiological Labs
strive to grow into a “Global company contributing to healthy humans and happy life
through animal health”
based on challenge and innovation for the coming 50 years
without forgetting the beliefs of the past 50 years as well.

We appreciate your interest and support for the challenges of our future.Thank you.